AB1825 California And Connecticut Harassment Training

California AB1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention Course for Supervisors Compliant Online Training (Meets Connecticut Requirements)


Diversity Builder offers compliant AB 1825 courses in an instructor-led format and online self-paced format. These courses also meet the Connecticut requirements for harassment training.

The requirements of California AB1825 are as follows: For companies engaged in business in California with 50 or more employees, staff in supervisors or those in management positions are required to complete 2 hours of sexual harassment and unlawful harassment prevention mandatory training within 6 months of being hired or promoted, and biannually following the initial class. The law falls under the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHC).

Online AB1825 Training: Supervisory Staff Harassment Prevention

  • Our online course is fully compliant with all California law AB1825 requirement.
  • Our online training class allows for supervisor, manager, and employee tracking and reporting for HR administrators.
  • Upon successful completion of the course each learner may download and print a certificate of completion.

Basics of the California Sexual Harassment Prevention AB1825 Law

  • Law AB1825 was went into effect on August 17, 2007 by the governor. Companies who do not comply with the regulation, face serious.
  • According to the California AB1825 Law, companies with 50 or more employees, including full-time and part-time employees and company contractors, must provide compliant training to all supervisory employees on the following topics:

How to prevent sexual harassment training, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace

  • Employees in supervisory positions must complete AB1825 training every 2 years and may use either individual training programs or a “training year” tracking program.
  • Newly hired or newly promoted supervisors should receive AB1825 training within 6 months of assuming their new position.
  • AB1825 was recently amended to require training on how to prevent abusive behavior (bullying) in the workplace. Our online training course includes this required content.

Diversity Builder’s online training course is an effective, flexible, and fully compliant training option throughout the State of California. Training is self-paced and may be stopped and started as needed.

Common Questions about California’s AB1825 Online Training


Q: Which staff members are required to receive AB1825 sexual harassment and unlawful harassment p prevention training?

A: All supervisory employees working in the State of California in the government or private sector in a workplace with 50 or more employees, including full-time and part-time manager are required to complete the course.

Q: Do you offer the class in Spanish?

A: Yes, Diversity Builder’s classroom and online AB1825 classes are available in Spanish.

Q: Do other states require harassment training for supervisors?

A: Yes, some other states have similar laws. Requirements vary. For example, Connecticut and Maine have specific harassment requirements.

Q: Do supervisors have to complete the online training in one sitting?

A: No, each supervisor may take the training when he or she has time. The supervisor may stop and start the training any time and the training progress will be saved. Diversity Builder’s online program tracks the actual time the supervisor spent logged into the training.

Q: Who is considered a supervisor for purposes of AB1825?

A: A supervisor is considered anyone who exercises independent judgement, directs other staff members, and/or has authorization to hire, transfer, suspend, discharge, assign, layoff, reward, adjust grievances, or discipline other company or California government employees.

Q: When are new supervisors required to take the AB1825 class?

A: Employees who are promoted or are newly hired are required to finish the training within 6 months of the date they took on the management role.

Q: Do supervisors need to be retrained?

A: Yes, every 2 years supervisors must receive AB1825 training again.

Q: Is there an employee version of the class online?

A: Yes, a one-hour California employee session is offered.

Q: What are the online and classroom training requirements of California AB1825 law?

A: The duration of the training must be a minimum of 2 hours and facilitated via classroom (instructor-led) or other effective interactive training method including online training courses.

Q: How is the online training for AB1825 conducted?

A: Diversity Builder’s AB 1825 sexual harassment prevention training is designed to be engaging to be most impactful for supervisory staff. Within the training, learners navigate through potential harassment situations commonly faced in the workplace.

Q: How do I register for online AB1825 training for my supervisory staff?

A: Call 615-823-1717 or complete the contact form on the right of this page.

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