Best Day of the Week to Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Monday.. Tuesday… Wednesday… blah blah blah.  So you are sitting at home, probably in your pj’s, and have just finished creating the masterpiece of a lifetime.  Clicking the ‘send’ button will launch your newly created email campaign into cyber world and  you just KNOW your inbox will be instantly filled with responses from potential clients.   WAIT WAIT WAIT… it really does matter what day of the week you send your email .  
You will hear many theories on this but to follow is what has worked for me:
1) Don’t launch a campaign on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday – these days typically have low open rates.  Often, emails sent during the weekend are read and deleted on Mondays, as people try to sift through their emails and discard anything they can.
*  Certain exceptions apply.  For instance, iIf you are promoting a weekend retail sale, Friday may be a great date.  Some retail stores (brick and mortar) have found that Fridays and Saturdays work well to distribute offers to shoppers.  Our company has a ‘Sunday Coupons’ newsletter offering grocery coupons and specials.  Our subscribers expect the email to come to them on Sundays. 
2) Tuesday and Wednesday have consistently been the best days for our business emails (B2B) to be opened and read. 
3) Thursday has fairly high open rates too, but if we have the opportunity, we stick to Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
4) Stay far away from holiday weekends at all costs.  People go out of town or just take a break and are less likely to check email.  When they return to their office or computer, they are in ‘catch-up’ mode and are not likely to devote much time or attention to your email campaign.  We wait until 2-3 days after the Monday following a holiday weekend to send emails again. 
Debbie Stanton
Co-Founder/Diversity Builder, Inc.

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